Getting Started in the Spring

Posted by Ashley on 1st Apr 2015

After a cold winter, Spring is the perfect time to get your lawn and garden in tip top shape. In order to avoid getting overwhelmed, remember to take baby steps. Start by evaluating your property and making a list of things that need to be done. Check each planting area for pests and insects. As Spring approaches, insects and diseases become more prevalent in the garden. In order to avoid damage and loss of plants, you should continue to walk your garden checking for unusual foliage, growth, or spots. If you spot molten or spotty leaves, or see insects in the garden you should contact your local nursery for expert advice. Check gardenias for whiteflies as Spring progresses and for lace bug by checking leaves for speckled or mottled leaves. Many diseases, fungus, and insects breed on the underside of the leaves so make sure to check on top and under foliage to keep your garden healthy!